Welcome to our adoptions page

Adopting one of our birds is a great way of supporting our work, it costs from just £35 to adopt one of our birds or £50 for one of our breeding pairs. Your adoption is valid for 1 year. You can be sure that your fees, which can be renewable annually, hugely contribute to the care of your chosen adoptee.

 In return for choosing to adopt either a single or pair of our beautiful birds you will receive your own Avon Owls adoption pack which includes:

  • A Hold card, meaning you can come & see your adoptee on one of our open days and get the chance to hold them.

  • A certificate of adoption.

  • A fact sheet about your adopted species.

  • A large photo of your adoptee.

  • A photo keyring of your adopted bird.

  • A bumper sticker.


Our adoption process is done in 2 simple steps

  1. Simply click on the 'BUY ADOPTION PACK' button located under the photo of the bird you'd like to adopt (note to enlarge the picture just click on the photo.)


   2.  You will then be taken to our shop,where you will need to add the adoption pack to cart then lastly checkout. (note you will need to complete the box asking for 'Name on certificate' and also the birds name from the drop down menu before you can pay)

That's it...We aim to get your adoption pack posted to you within 10 working days

Who will you pick?

'Chico' Tropical screech owl

'Pixel' Southern white-faced scops owl

'Whizz' Barn owl

'Pringle' Bengal eagle owl

'Athena' Long-eared owl

'Drift' Snowy owl

'Coco' Chaco owl

'Twilight & Dusk' Great grey owl

'Phoenix' European kestrel

'Romeo & Juliet' European eagle owl (pair)

'Thor' Tawny owl

'Sidney' Common buzzard

'Rolo' European eagle owl

`Harry` Ashy faced owl

'Blizzard' Snowy Owl

‘Mokka & Cream’ Spectacled owl

‘Mokka & Cream’ Spectacled owl