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Becoming a member of Avon Owls is a great way to show continued support for our cause

Our main sources of revenue are public donations, fees from educational visits to schools and of course, membership subscriptions.

Below is just a small list of the areas in which your monthly donations go towards

  • Veterinary assistance (when required)
  • Specialist equipment such as catching nets, rehabilitation units and first aid supplies
  • Feeding costs (A large healthy bird not requiring extra food for weight gain for condition costs approximately £10 a month)
  • Transportation equipment
  • Costs of running medical isolation aviaries 

Rehabilitation is a very expensive task, not only financially but also the time demanded to treat both our captive bred birds kept at our Centre but also to treat and return wild birds that come into our care. 

our membership pack 

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1 x Holds Card (Valid For One Year)

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signing up and becoming a member is easy, it is done in 3 simple steps

Step 1 - Complete the membership form below,  pass the security Capcha and click 'SUBMIT'

Step 2 - Once you click on 'SUBMIT' a short message will appear asking you to 'PLEASE CLICK HERE' to finish completing the membership process

Please see the picture of this screen below

Step 3 - Complete the Avon Owls Direct Debit form and click the 'SET UP DIRECT DEBIT' button

And that's it...Your all set in becoming an Avon Owls Member.

Note - Your Membership Pack will be sent out to you within 10 working days from us receiving your first payment.


Rest assured your monthly payments to us are fully covered the the Direct Debit Guarantee